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Every family is unique and has its own needs and opinions, even when it comes to assets and how they are transferred to the next generation. This starts with understanding your personal situation. The civil-law notaries in our family law department will discuss this and other matters with you on a personal level, and advise you on how to record your wishes in the most optimal way possible. Family ties come into play, making this an emotional issue and difficult to oversee. Together, we ensure that your wishes are laid down properly, so that future problems can be avoided. This creates peace of mind and clarity. How you prefer to bequeath your assets is, of course, up to you. We will simply help you record your wishes.

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You can bequeath or leave (part of) your assets to a charity, foundation or association. You arrange this in a last will and testament, but it can also be arranged during your lifetime.
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Estate planning covers everything to do with the transfer of your assets to the next generation. And that can be quite complicated. It can also be emotional and difficult to oversee. We are happy to help you navigate this.
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Family business, family constitution and succession

Family business are special. Besides the usual problems that can occur within a company, family ties can also play a role. It is therefore essential to lay down agreements properly. A family constitution or charter can help in this. In it, the family's basic views, wishes for the future and relations are laid down.
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Last will and testament

A good last will and testament arranges your affairs when you are no longer around. Thinking about this is not always pleasant, but if everything is properly arranged, a last will and testament gives peace of mind and clarity for when you are no longer there, for you and your loved ones.
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Living will

The term ‘living will’ is used in the Netherlands to describe a strictly personal, revocable document in which a person lays down what their wishes are should they no longer be able to perform certain or all actions or to make certain or all decisions, whether private or business.
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Marriage and cohabitation

Even the best moments in life sometimes require legal advice. In the case of marriage or cohabitation, it is usually advisable to have (pre)nuptial agreements or a cohabitation agreement drawn up. This will ensure that everything is properly laid down, should things end up in divorce unexpectedly down the line.
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