German Desk

Kienhuis Legal's German Desk offers entrepreneurs support in doing business internationally, especially between the Netherlands and Germany and vice versa. Our specialists are happy to help you.

Dutch entrepreneurs

We are often the first point of contact for Dutch entrepreneurs who do business in Germany, have conflicts, employ staff, or, for example, want to open a branch. Our advice is based on Dutch law. We can identify common questions and refer you in a timely manner within our international network of German law and accounting firms. In addition, thanks to our knowledge of language, cultural and legal differences, we often act as a point of contact for German advisers.

German entrepreneurs

The German Desk offers support to German and German-speaking entrepreneurs who are (going to) do business in the Netherlands in all kinds of legal areas. The employees of the German Desk are all fully bilingual and fluent in both Dutch and German. Language issues are therefore not an issue. Translations can be prepared in-house. We have years of experience with German business, culture and legal differences.

You can contact us for, among other things:

Lease agreements with foreign parties;

Employees, labour law and pensions;

(International) joint ventures;

International mergers and corporate acquisitions;

Cross-border restructurings and conversions;

Directors' liability;

Agency, distribution and franchise agreements;

Lease agreements;

Trademarks, patents, cloud computing, privacy and other ICT issues;

Insolvencies and securities;

Property and financing;

Conflicts with German and German-language parties;

The translation of legal documents into German.


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