Feeling at home at Kienhuis

It is important to us that you feel at home where you work. Not only does this concern our offices in Enschede and Utrecht, but also the culture of the company. A culture of working together, based on trust. Being happy for each other’s success. Of working hard and learning a lot. In the manner characteristic of Kienhuis Legal: down-to-earth and relaxed. With room for relaxation. To us, tailor-made means more than just a fancy suit. As a committed legal partner, we stand side by side with our clients to remove obstacles, explore new possibilities and change the outcome in their favour.

Working at

"Kienhuis Legal works with the finest clients in the eastern and central part of the Netherlands.’"
Joost van Ruiven Lawyer in employment law and contract and liability law

Our core values

Working together

Together we achieve more. Across the boundaries of knowledge areas and regardless of location. The fact that we are different is exactly what makes our team stronger. This is how we can grow together and achieve the highest possible results.


Everyone is responsible. It starts with you; take the initiative and make it a reality. Everyone is committed to positive change for each other and our clients.


Feeling at home at Kienhuis means that you can be yourself. We work based on trust, being valued for your input and being able to build upon each other.

Leading the way

We embrace the future by constantly challenging ourselves, both in terms of legal knowledge and with an entrepreneurial attitude focused on the changing world.
As a lawyer you bear full responsibility for your clients and you do everything you can for them. Are you a young, ambitious lawyer looking for plenty of freedom and leeway? Then don’t hesitate, and call René Bosch for an appointment.
René Bosch HR Manager


Opportunities for growth

Your development is important. That is why we give you all the space you need to grow professionally, learn and acquire a position.

Training and development

To keep our employees' knowledge up-to-date, we spend a lot of time on learning & development, for example through our internal Kienhuis College. We work closely with knowledge partners and invite professors to update our team.

Time for relaxation

At Kienhuis Legal you come home to a working environment that stimulates and challenges you, but where you can also relax. Personnel outings, family day, the annual Dutch Sinterklaas party for the children of our employees, the Christmas party and winter sports with the entire team. Oh, and did we mention yet that we have a friendly neighbourhood pub and happy hour?

Competitive remuneration

Choosing Kienhuis Legal means choosing a mature and ambitious firm of stature. And that includes an appropriate salary depending on the position and your work experience. In addition, we offer many extras. If you want to find out more, simply contact our HR department.

Team Personnel and Organisation

Erna Munster - Booijink

HR Employee

Marloes Tanke

HR Employee

René Bosch

HR Manager