Labour and organisation

Organisations run on people. Labour deployment comes with legal challenges. Not only do we know these challenges, but we also understand entrepreneurship. Whether it concerns individual or collective issues, we are here to help you. Regardless of the industry. Our approach is characterised by team play. Specialist services are a matter of course for us. High-quality, not pompous.

Experts in labour and organisation

Contracts and terms of employment

Good agreements regarding the employment relationship are essential. Not everything can be freely determined, for example, when a collective labour agreement is in place. We will work with you to find a suitable interpretation of the employment conditions package and record this clearly. At the start or if changes require it. Both on an individual and a collective level. No unnecessarily difficult legal language, but understandable for everyone and tailored to your needs.
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Our labour law has a strict dismissal system. Whether it concerns individual or collective dismissals, the right strategy is crucial. We know the (im)possibilities and are happy to be your strategic partner.
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Employee participation

Employee participation can be effective. To make this happen, appropriate design and use of participation is essential. Each organisation requires its own approach. We support both entrepreneurs and participation bodies in all facets of employee participation.
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Flexible labour

The use of flexible labour makes organisations agile. Whether it involves borrowing or supplying personnel, the flexible deployment of own staff or the deployment of self-employed persons, we are familiar with the complex and ever-changing regulations
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Governance and management

Administrators and managers have a special position in the labour organisation. Appointment, dismissal, terms of employment and forms of participation often require a multidisciplinary approach. Employment law and corporate law are inextricably linked. We know everything there is to know in order to assist you in the best possible way.
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Incapacity for work and reintegration

The issues surrounding sick employees are complex. Reintegration obligations, financial implications and the involvement of multiple parties require a specialised and targeted approach. That is exactly what we offer.
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In pensions law, the so-called ‘pension triangle’ is central. This triangle connects employer, employee and pension provider. This regularly raises complex legal issues. We are happy to assist you with these issues.
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Takeover and restructuring

Taking over, structuring and changing an industrial organisation requires knowledge of the law and an understanding of how your organisation operates. Your wishes come first, it is up to us to help you find the right and best way to get there.
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Working conditions

As an employer, you are responsible for a socially safe and healthy working environment. Clear rules of conduct, regulations and complaint procedures are essential. Unfortunately, unsafe work situations cannot always be prevented. In those cases, proper strategy and due diligence is required. Together, we make sure of that.
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