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Technology and innovations play a major role in a rapidly changing world. At Kienhuis Legal, we are at your service with legal advice and help you with questions on innovation protection, intellectual property, but we also look at all developments around AI and offer help with IT agreements.

Would you like to know what legal requirements your high-tech solution needs to meet? Are you a victim of cybercrime? And what are the restrictions and options when it comes to personal data? For these and other questions, our specialists are at your service.

Experts in technology and innovation

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

If anything is causing quite a stir, it is Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is developing at breakneck speeds, and it took a while for some form of regulation to emerge. That regulation came to be in the form of the AI Regulation, the world's first comprehensive AI law. Kienhuis Legal closely follows developments around AI and our AI team is ready to help you with today's and tomorrow's challenges.
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Intellectual property and innovation protection

A new product, brand, or technology is not only cause for joy; it also requires the right protection so that it doesn’t fall into the hands of some other party. Knowledge-driven organisations depend on being able to protect their intellectual property and trade secrets. Because intellectual property is very valuable today, it is regularly negotiated and litigated. In such a case, you want to be able to lean on the knowledge of an experienced business partner.
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IT contracts and disputes

Modern people and organisations cannot do without good IT systems. Whether this is about accounting software or ordering a pizza, everything is intertwined with digital technology. In many IT projects, however, things go wrong from time to time. The end result then may not meet expectations, or the project may be stopped early or delivery may be too late. Making good agreements in advance is crucial to prevent damage at a later stage.
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Media law

In the dynamic world of media, on-demand legal support is almost indispensable. Public interests such as freedom of expression, and press freedom in particular, often relate poorly to private interests such as reputation protection, privacy and portrait rights. As a result, there can be a notable mismatch between these. Precisely when it comes to this, Kienhuis Legal has extensive expertise to represent your interests.
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Personal data and privacy

Many companies and organisations hold personal data on citizens. And you yourself (un)consciously share personal data about yourself. To prevent abuse, there are laws and regulations protecting your privacy. Protecting personal data is obviously important, but it isn’t always clear what is allowed and what is not, and how this is enforced. Kienhuis Legal will help you translate the rules into practical action points.
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Telecommunications law

The world is becoming increasingly digital. The regulations for providers of digital (telecommunications) services are increasing as a result, which is also accompanied by an increase in supervision. Both in the Netherlands and in Europe at large. Online platforms, VOIP providers and many other providers of digital communications, have to abide by increasingly strict rules.
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