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We look beyond the boundaries of the legal issue, make complexity understandable and realise ambitions. Preferably by pro-actively anticipating escalation or problems.

In a world that is constantly changing, we are rightly at the forefront. We embrace change and continually challenge ourselves to help people and organisations grow and professionalise our clients' business operations.

Welcome to Kienhuis Legal.
Change the outcome.

What we find important

Team play

Nobody is an island. Together we achieve more. And it all starts with team play. It is the core of how we work. Across the boundaries of knowledge areas and regardless of location. We are one team, learning from each other while keeping an open mind. Personal and relaxed. At Kienhuis you feel at home.


We make an impact with good reason. We inspire each other and demonstrate our commitment to our legal practice. We take that extra step to leave an indelible impression. With our energy, we inspire each other and help our clients achieve more.


We make concrete agreements and deliver what we promise. We determine in advance the goals we want to achieve together. Gaining and exchanging knowledge is central to our way of working. With initiative and creativity, we lead the way in our challenging field.


We see possibilities that others do not see. Decisive and proactive. In doing so, we help our clients achieve more and remain ahead of both opportunities and challenges. Thanks to our focus on innovation and the world of tomorrow, we achieve growth for clients and our firm.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Kienhuis Legal is strongly embedded in Twente society. A large part of our client portfolio comes from the region, which is why we feel a strong social commitment to our region. We are of course here to provide accessible legal support through The Gallery, but we also support the Food Bank, Schenkerij Wattez and the UAF Foundation. In the field of sports, we not only support FC Twente, but also various local sports clubs and associations.

Our mission
As legal business partners, we help our clients achieve more and push the boundariesin the process. Literally and figuratively, both for governmentsand ambitious (international) entrepreneurs. We do this in a personal and creative wayway. With commitment, high-qualityknowledge and 'out of the box' thinking, weanticipate problems and ensure sustainableimprovement of your business operations.