Terms and conditions

Deposited at the office of the clerk of the court in Overijssel, zittingsplaats Almelo on April 4, 2024.

1. Kienhuis Legal is the trade name of Kienhuis Legal N.V., having its registered office in Enschede and its principle places of business in (7521 PR) Enschede at Pantheon 25 and in (3584 BH) Utrecht, at Newtonlaan 265. Contracts as stipulated in these general terms and agreements are considered to be all agreements entered into with Kienhuis Legal N.V.

2. Partners as stipulated in these general terms and conditions are persons who indirectly hold shares in Kienhuis Legal N.V. A list of partners is available 
for inspection at the administrative office of Kienhuis Legal N.V.

3. All contracts are exclusively assigned to and accepted by Kienhuis Legal N.V., which is therefore considered as the sole contracting partner. No 
contract will exist between the client and the person who executes the contract by virtue of any legal relationship to Kienhuis Legal N.V. (such as a partner) or who is involved in the execution, not even if the contract is given with the intention that such person will execute it as defined in Section 7:404 of the Dutch Civil Code. The terms of Section 7:404 of the Dutch Civil Code and Section 7:407 (2) of the Dutch Civil Code are excluded. The contract entails the authority to perform legal transactions on behalf and at the expense of the client within the context of the contract.

4. Billing statements are payable within 30 days after the invoice date, which is a final deadline, unless agreed otherwise. The client is obligated to 
pay a contractual interest until the date of the billing statement has been paid in full if a billing statement is not paid before the final deadline. The contractual interest is the statutory interest of section 6:119a of the Dutch Civil Code. If the client fails to pay after a demand for payment the client is obligated to pay an additional 15% of the billing statement for all (extra)judicial costs, with a minimum of € 100.00. The statutory provisions for (extra)judicial costs shall apply if the client is a consumer. Kienhuis Legal N.V. is entitled to suspend the performance of its obligations without being liable for any damages if the client fails to pay the billing statement before the final deadline.

5. Any liability on the part of Kienhuis Legal N.V. and any liability of a person who executes the contract by virtue of any legal relationship to Kienhuis 
Legal N.V. (such as a partner) or who is involved in the execution of the contract, is limited to the amount that would be paid out in such a case under the professional liability insurance policy(ies) taken out by Kienhuis Legal N.V., plus the amount of the deductible in conformance with the respective applicable policy(ies), but without detriment to the terms set forth in the last sentence of this clause. Copies of the current policies with conditions are available for inspection at the administrative office of Kienhuis Legal N.V. If for whatever reason no payments are made pursuant to the afore- mentioned insurance policy, any liability will be limited to an amount of €30,000.00, or, if the fee, excluding VAT, that is paid for the execution of the contract to which the claim is related is greater than €30,000.00 excluding VAT, liability will be equal to the paid fee with a maximum of €200,000.00.

6. The limitation of liability described in Clause 5 is also applicable in the event that Kienhuis Legal N.V. is liable for the improper functioning of 
equipment, software, databases, registries or other items, without exception, used for the execution of the contract. The limitation of liability is also applicable if an e-mail message is not transmitted and/or received properly or completely or in a timely fashion. The client grants Kienhuis Legal N.V. the right to communicate with him/her and with others by e-mail, with the due understanding that the confidentiality of the information sent by e-mail is not guaranteed.

7. Kienhuis Legal N.V. is not liable for failures made by third parties it employs for the execution of the contract. The client authorizes Kienhuis Legal 
N.V. to accept general terms and conditions (with any liability limitations) stipulated by such third parties, for the benefit of the client and on behalf of him/her as well, and indemnifies Kienhuis Legal N.V. from any rights of such third parties that are related to claims of the client against such third parties.

8. The conditions of these general terms have also been made – and form third-party clauses – or the benefit of anyone who executes or is involved with 
a contract at Kienhuis Legal N.V. on behalf of a client, by virtue of any legal relationship to Kienhuis Legal N.V. or who is involved in the execution of such contract, including, specifically, all attorneys-at-law, civil-law notaries, candidate civil-law notaries and all other persons who work with, for or on behalf of Kienhuis Legal N.V. directly or indirectly, whether or not as a partner, as well as third parties who are engaged by Kienhuis Legal N.V. 

9. Nothing in these general terms and conditions is intended to limit or exclude any liability attributable to intent (opzet) or wilful recklessness (bewuste 
roekeloosheid) by Kienhuis Legal N.V., its attorneys-at-law and civil-law notaries. 

10. The legal relationship between Kienhuis Legal N.V. and the client is subject exclusively to the laws of the Netherlands. Any and all disputes will be 
settled exclusively by the competent court for the registered office of Kienhuis Legal N.V. In the event the client qualifies as consumer, disputes shall be settled by the competent court having jurisdiction under Dutch law. 

11. If these general terms and conditions are provided to a client and inconsistencies with the Dutch version of the general terms and conditions appear, 
the Dutch text is decisive

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